Canine Acupuncture Services

Acupuncture is an ancient therapy developed in China which uses very thin needles to stimulate critical anatomical body points. We now know these body points are critical because they are located near nerves, arteries, veins and lymphatic vessels – all important is relieving pain, removing swelling and promoting healing.

Acupuncture can be coupled with e-stim (electroacupuncture or PENS), hemo or aqua acupuncture – injecting substances into points to prolong duration of effect, or laser acupuncture – stimulating points without use of needles.

Acupuncture points have been found to correlate with approximately 67% of trigger points that have been identified by physiotherapists and therefore make an excellent treatment modality for musculoskeletal problems in dogs. While acupuncture is commonly recognized as an excellent therapy for back and neck pain, it is also an excellent therapy for stimulating damaged nerves and atrophied (wasted) muscles.

Acupuncture can be performed in numerous ways. Dry needle is the term used for the classical therapy of very thin needles placed in the skin. Electroacupuncture or PENS (percutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) is classic dry needles attached to an e-stim machine and is commonly used in stimulating nerves and atrophied muscles or delivering deep pain relief. Aqua and Hemo acupuncture use various fluids or even drugs to prolong the effect on acupuncture points and are injected with standard hypodermic needles into the points.

Acupuncture can address many of the same conditions that chiropractic care does. However, the combination of the two has long been the choice of holistic veterinarians trained in both modalities. Their mutual enhancement makes them a very effective, dynamic therapy especially in chronic degenerative arthritis of older dogs.

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